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Learn all about our latest feature for preserving your family memories, Qeepsake Video.
Caroline Herman, Qeepsake Creator

Whether you’re new to Qeepsake or a longtime memory-keeping member, we’ve got some exciting news! Qeepsake Video is HERE, the newest (and most requested) feature for capturing every detail of your family’s journey. 

Qeepsake asks you questions that inspires you to reflect on your day, the kiddos, parenting, holidays, and more. You can now add a video to go along with your entry, when a photo just won't do it justice!

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Introducing Qeepsake Video

There’s something so nostalgic about the thought of classic home videos and baby books. Think of Qeepsake Video as today’s modern version of capturing those moments that mean everything –– but all in one place! And it's much more organized and secure (and, of course, higher quality). Plus, with Qeepsake, it's not just baby books. You can have as many journals and order as many books as you'd like. Our questions go all the way through high school graduation! With Qeepsake, you can preserve your family's full story, not just the early days

Qeepsake Video is changing the way we cherish our memories. When photos can't quite do it justice –– the sound of their laughter, their little voices, those spontaneous dance parties, a first goal, that momentous graduation walk–– you can now cherish your videos in your digital Qeepsake Journal.

A dad hovers his finger over a play button in the Qeepsake App on his red iphone. It's for his son, Luke's Qeepsake Journal and his wife, Luke's Mom is sitting with Luke and their clapping their hands. They're in a park with some people behind them with instruments. They are sitting on a blue gathre mat and there is a rose colored or pink gathre floor cushion next to them and a gathre floor cushion with stars.

Qeepsake Video is available exclusively to our Premium Members. Are you a Qeepsake Lite or Plus Member? Good news! You can upgrade to Premium anytime to get access to Qeepsake Video.

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Upload In-App

To add videos to your Qeepsake Journal, upload them directly to the app. Sending in video through text is not currently supported. Uploading to the app allows Qeepsake to preserve your videos securely and in the highest possible quality –– capturing the true magic of the moment exactly the way you remember it! 

Not only does the Qeepsake App include video, but it’s packed with tons of other incredible features. Easily access your account and settings, add milestones, create collages, edit entries and photos, and share journal entries you’ve been creating with your loved ones in an instant! You even have the ability to connect your existing social profiles and make sure all your memories are seamlessly preserved in all your favorite places.

Milestones in Motion

Qeepsake is perfect for remembering the moments that will define your family’s journey. Video journal entries are extra special for milestone moments. Imagine wanting to show someone a video of your little one's first steps? Now you can pull it up with ease in Milestones in your Qeepsake App.

A graphic of a phone in the Qeepsake App edit entry screen. The Qeepsake Question example is When Did Indigo take her first steps? Where was she, and who saw it happen. Was it a surprise? It's a baby milestone and first step milestone question in Qeepsake Milestones in the Qeepsake App. The respond reads "Indigo took her first steps tonight with Mommy, Daddy & Eloise cherring her on. We were so surprised and excited clap emoji heart face emoji. Then there is a video image of a baby taking her first step with a play button on it. Date reads September 9, 2021.

There are over 100 milestones available in the app. Our milestones are for all kinds of families and kids of all ages! In the app you’ll find IVF milestones, adoption milestones, pregnancy milestones, NICU milestones, baby milestones, childhood milestones, school milestones, and parenting milestones. 

It’s likely there’s a milestone for just about any kind of event that will take place in your home, but if you happen to think of something you think should be added, reach out!. We’re always interested in hearing about any exciting firsts to add!

Include Friends & Family 

Sometimes the memories are just too sweet to keep to yourself! Plus, who wouldn't want to relive all their favorite memories from every angle possible? Qeepsake’s features for sharing with friends and family allow you to do just that. 

All Qeepsake Members can keep your favorite people in the loop by adding them as recap recipients. The family members or friends you choose will receive regular recap emails, and if you're a Premium Member, your recap email will come complete with animated GIFs of videos you added to your journal that week. For privacy and security reasons, we don’t currently attach videos directly to emails. Plus, who doesn't love a good GIF?!

A beautiful young family cozied up on a giant rock together looking. smiling, and laughing down at a phone together.

Want even more family footage? With Qeepsake Premium, you can choose who you’d like to add to your journals as a contributor –– a partner, grandparents, nanny, teacher, or anyone else of your choosing.  Your contributors will have their very own account and can upload and view unlimited videos anytime, just like you! They can also receive and answer text questions. Kiddos getting to see how much they're loved in the words of all the people in their lives is so special.

A woman or mom holding a phone looking down at the Qeepsake App which is on the invite journal contributor screen. She's invited her husband, Rhett's Dad to contribute. He is in the military so now he can see every memory that he's missing in real time.

Qeepsake Books

Qeepsake Books take all the time and energy you might put into manually creating a family memory book, and allows you to spend it with the ones you love most. Qeepsake Journals are automatically transformed into Qeepsake Books you can order at any time. Not only do Qeepsake Books make the best custom family gifts, but they hold all those precious childhood memories for your kids to look back on. 

You may be wondering how Qeepsake Video fits into a physical book. For now, videos will not be featured in your book, but stay tuned! We’ve got some pretty cool ideas coming in the near future, and you’ll be the first to hear about it!

A beautiful young family of 3 including an 8-month old child snuggled up in a park on a blue Gathre mat. The title says "Noah: The first 6 months."

We can’t wait to hear how Qeepsake Video adds magic to your journaling experience. Not a Qeepsake member yet?

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