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What’s a Qeepsake Book?

Qeepsake Books are like magic — they can be anything you want them to be.

The options are endless, from baby books and toddler art to family photo albums and high school reflection books. The best part is that they’re designed to be easy for busy parents. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Receive questions from Qeepsake in your texts, reply back with a story and photo. 
  2. Your responses are organized for you into digital journals in the Qeepsake App. The app is loaded with awesome features like milestones, photo-editing, collages, family sharing, and more.
  3. As you add entries, your journal is automagically transformed into a beautiful book that you can preview at any time and order with any date range you'd like.

Hit order and VOILA! Custom memory books arrive on your doorstep filled with the people and moments that matter most to you.

*If you’re looking for FAQs or tips before ordering your book, get the info here.
Grandmother holding a Qeepsake Book title reads Miya Rose with hearts. Little girl with mom eating ice cream.
Grandmother holding open a Qeepsake Book. Question read who does Eloise recognize and is Eloise big, small, or average sized for her age. Picture of baby with a teething toy and picture of baby with a red bow in a high chair.
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The Qeepsake Promise

Our promise to you is to always put your family’s privacy first. Your memories are private, safe, and secure with Qeepsake. 

We guarantee the quality of your Qeepsake Books. If ever they arrive damaged, let us know, and we’ll replace them. 

How much do Qeepsake Books cost?

Cost is dependent on the type of Qeepsake Book you choose and the number of pages. Once you have 40 entries, head to your book preview in the Qeepsake app, where you can choose from a softcover or hardcover option. Qeepsake families love the softcover option for vacation, summer, and monthly memory books. Hardcover books are perfect for baby books, school year memories, and grandparent gifts.

Softcover books start at $19.99, and hardcover books start at $39.99. Additional pages cost $0.60 per page (softcover) and $0.95 per page (hardcover). For example, if you order a 50-page softcover book, it will cost $31.99, and the hardcover option will cost $58.99 before tax and shipping.

Qeepsake Sample Book Pricing Infographic including numbers of pages and the coster softcover and hardcover

Size Options & Specs

Hardcover books are bounded and 10x8”. Softcover books are slightly smaller at 8.125x6.50. You can order as many variations as you like. For example, lots of Qeepsakers order monthly softcover books and yearly hardcover books.

Qeepsake Books that show the size difference between hardcover and softcover Qeepsake Books.
Hardcover vs Softcover Qeepsake Book Covers
Qeepsake Books that show the size difference between hardcover and softcover Qeepsake Book spines.
Hardcover vs Softcover Qeepsake Book Spines


You can customize all content in your Qeepsake Book! Click on the edit memories button in your book preview to edit text, pictures, and reorder same-day entries. 

Formatting and design is automagically created for you! 

Our team hears over and over again how simple and elegant Qeepsake Books are. When parents receive their books, they rave over the format and how it showcases their family's pictures and stories. Your content shines

Check out this book a Qeepsake Mom shared with us — beautiful! 

Plus, catch this unboxing of a Qeepsake Book and see the difference between hardcover and softcover books live!

More formatting options coming soon 🌟

Whether you’re giving a gift to a partner, family member, or friend, Qeepsake Books increase the joy and affection with those that matter most to you. Qeepsake Books make amazing gifts for Mother’s & Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, the holidays, birthdays, and just because. The possibilities are endless.

Qeepsake Mom receiving a Qeepsake Book as a gift from her family. The gift is from her husband and kids. She is then sitting outside in an egg chair reading and enjoying the book.
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Have questions? Feedback? A funny story? Reach out. We love hearing from you!

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