Tips and Tricks for Creating a Qeepsake Book You'll Cherish Forever

Ready to order your Qeepsake Books? Here are some tips and tricks to ensure your book is perfect, while having fun in the process!
Qeepsake Team

There’s nothing like holding a meaningful Qeepsake Book in your hands that displays your family’s journey. We put together some tips and tricks on how to create a Qeepsake Book you and your loved ones will cherish forever.

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Create a Beautiful Cover

Pick a favorite photo with good lighting and focus. Customize your book’s title and subtitle — we recommend something short and sweet! Find more tips and inspiration for your titles here.

Grandmother holding a Qeepsake Book showcasing a bright, beautiful photo of a mom and daughter laughing enjoying ice cream. Title reads Miya Rose with adorable heart emojis.

Choose High-Quality Images

Particularly for your cover, pay close attention to the quality of the photos added to your journal. Choose your favorite bright, clear image, and avoid dark and blurry pictures. Consider where your book will be displayed — a beautiful cover will look gorgeous on grandma’s coffee table or propped on the bookshelf in your room.

Qeepsake Book standing on a coffee table with picture of toddler in red character hat walking in a beautiful wooded area with grass and sunshine. Title reads Lucas, Subtitle reads The Little Prince

Keep Your Title Short and Sweet

For best printing results, keep your title short and sweet! You can customize both your title and subtitle, such as “Baby’s First Year: January 2020-January 2021” or “Life As Henry: Summer Moments.”

The character limit for titles is 20 and for subtitles, 35. Have fun with it and get creative with your photo book title. If your Qeepsake Book has over 120 pages, the title will appear on the spine.

Bonus Tip: If you love emojis feel free to sprinkle them in, but keep in mind that some emojis take up a few characters.

Qeepsake softcover book sits on top of Qeepsake hardcover book. Both display titles of "Life As Eloise"
Hardcover on the bottom, softcover on top.

Edit Your Book Using Desktop or Mobile

It’s easy to make edits to your book in the Qeepsake App or on our website. If you’d like to view your images and entries in a large format, editing from a computer is a good choice. If you’re a phone-only parent, the mobile app is perfect! Both options allow you to make changes or expand on your text entries.

That being said, keep in mind these mobile-only editing features:

  • Adjust the lighting or saturation of a photo
  • Edit or remove question prompts
  • Reorder same-day entries

Bonus Tip: Not sure if you’re looking at the right or left side of your book? Check the white space — if there’s more white space on the right side, that means it’s a left-side page of your book.

Qeepsake Book editing on a desktop computer and mobile phone in the Qeepsake App.
Preview, edit, and order your book with the Qeepsake App on either your computer or cell phone!

Order Books For Everyone

For those of us with multiple littles, we also recommend ordering each of your little’s Qeepsake Books separately. Whether it’s their baby book or high school graduation, you’ll thank yourself for highlighting each child individually and giving them their own spotlight!

Plus, Qeepsake Books make the best gifts! Whether it’s a birthday, Grandparent’s Day, or Christmas, Qeepsake Books are the perfect way to reminisce together. Order enough copies for your loved ones to relive their favorite moments whenever they’d like.

Order Regularly, and for Special Occasions

Every day is an opportunity for infinite memories — and those memories can add up! We recommend printing Qeepsake Books annually or seasonally to avoid feeling bogged down and not knowing when to print after recording so many memories.

There are, of course, some events that really tell the story of your family. Create a Qeepsake Book or Chapter for any occasion. Have a child that just graduated high school? Consider creating a high school graduation photo book. You can even create a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Chapter. The options are endless — find more creative options here!

Be sure to include entries with your photos to add meaning to your moments. It’s a joy to reflect back on these special occasions. A book for each major life event can pull you right back into those cherished memories.

Use Your Book Credit

A Qeepsake Book Credit is a discount you apply towards the price of your book. You'll see any available credits at the bottom of the book preview screen and on the checkout page. Don’t forget to click on the credit to redeem it before paying!

What To Avoid

In all our years of ordering Qeepsake Books for our own little ones and supporting Qeepsake members, our team has learned some tips for avoiding most common mistakes!


“When ordering your Qeepsake Book, make sure to double-check for any errors or duplicates. Because Qeepsake values your privacy, we will not be looking at your content to fix spelling, grammatical errors, or duplicated photos or entries. Your memories are sacred, and yours alone!”
-Gabby, Head of Product


"If you are making journals for multiple children, make sure all entries are assigned to the right journal. You’ll also want to make sure to rotate any photos that uploaded sideways or upside down. Make sure to keep in mind that photos will appear slightly darker when printed than on your phone screen — choose bright and clear photos whenever possible, and brighten and sharpen any dark photos you really want to include in your book!”
-Jami, Senior Member Experience Manager


"Have fun and don’t stress! It’s so special to look through your family’s memories and all of the wonderful (and hilarious) things you said about your kiddos each day. If you need any advice or support at all, Qeepsake’s support team is THE BEST. Anytime they get to help a member order a book, they are truly grateful!”
-Gem, Qeeepsake Mom

Once your Qeepsake Book arrives, flip through to relive your family’s biggest and most meaningful moments. You can learn more about what a printed Qeepsake Book looks like here. Contact with any questions — we’re here to help!

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