The Top 3 Reasons Qeepsake Books Make the Best Gifts

A Qeepsake Mom shares why Qeepsake Books make the very BEST gifts.
Gem Garcin, Qeepsake Mom & Creator

As wonderful and joyous as the holidays are, they can also be stressful for parents. Finding special and unique gifts can be super stressful. Once you decide on a gift, finding it in stock can be a nightmare.

In my family, I’m the Chief Gift Giver. That means I’m in charge of remembering everyone who needs a gift, thinking up a thoughtful gift for each person, and then going and getting the gift. 

Whew! I’m left with two options. One, hire a team of elves. Two, find thoughtful, personalized gifts that can be gifted year after year. 

If anyone figures out how to make the first option a reality, please let me know. For now, I’m left with option number two. Enter Qeepsake Books. 

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1. The unique gift of a memory book

Every family has stories to tell, and Qeepsake Books help you share your journey with the people who love you most. 

My parents and in-laws are obsessed with receiving Qeepsake Books as a gift — each of their grandkids’ moments and milestones are so beautifully displayed. Reading my answers to the questions and what I had to say about the kids, their personalities, and their adventures absolutely delights our families.

Jen G's Mom & Dad (GiGi & Grandpa) with Eloise, looking at the new Qeepsake Book they got as a gift and snuggling and giggling.

It’s particularly special for us because our families live 3,000 miles away. It means they miss lots of moments and milestones, so we rely on Qeepsake to keep us connected.

“I look through the books every day,” my mom tells me, “it helps me feel closer to you and your girls.”  

Our families also love how fresh each Qeepsake Book is, and that the memories are long-form versus just pictures and captions. It makes the book so much more meaningful than a typical photo book or family photo album. 

It’s fun to watch the kids grow through pictures and stories, and they also get to see the changes through my eyes. Each season of life, they receive a Qeepsake Book that is unique and magical in its own way. 

My kids also love flipping through pictures of them with their people and seeing what their dad and I had to say about them every day. I think it’s one of the best gifts I could give them. Our Qeepsake Books are full of the stories of their childhood.

2. Qeepsake Books can be personalized 

I love that with Qeepsake Books I can give everyone in our family the exact same gift, and yet each book feels deeply personal to each family member. 

All I have to do is change the cover photo and dedication page. GiGi and Grandpa get a book with a photo of them on their cover, while Aunt Erica gets her picture with our kiddos on her cover. 

Then I write a personal note on the dedication page. Sometimes it comes from my husband and me, sometimes I’ll ask the kids what they want to say and write it from them!

Over the holidays, my house becomes an Oprah set — You get a Qeepsake Book, and you get a Qeepsake Book! Everyone gets a piece of our family’s journey to cherish.

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3. Ordering a book is effortless, a one-click-gift

Like many busy parents, I’m all about the life hacks. Show me a way to get back an hour, and... did we just become best friends?! Qeepsake is the gift-giving life hack we never knew we needed. All my gifts with a click? Yes, please.

One of the coolest things about Qeepsake Books is that you can order any date range you’d like. I’ve given my partner all types of books — pregnancy memory books, baby books, school memory books, and our family’s story books. 

I love that our family history — the moments, the milestones, the highs, the lows, and everything in between is captured forever.

The grandparents have gotten everything from baby’s first year to school years and summer with Nana. There are endless types of Qeepsake Books you can create from your family’s journals.

I get all my gifts in one place, it takes no time at all, and the books make for an incredibly thoughtful gift (shh, don’t tell the fam their books are all the same). 

Jen G's Mothere and Father with their grandaughter, looking at the pictures and entries in their new Qeepsake Book they got as a gift.
Grandma and grandaughter looking intently at the inside of a Qeepsake Book.

The Gift of a Qeepsake Book

Whether you’re giving a gift to a partner, family member, or friend, Qeepsake Books increase the joy and affection with those that matter most to you. Qeepsake Books make amazing gifts for Mother’s & Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, the holidays, birthdays, and just because. The possibilities are endless.

Not so #HumbleBrag — my love language is gift-giving, so I’ve been told I’m pretty great at it. But Qeepsake Books are by far the most personalized and thoughtful gift I’ve ever given, and it honestly couldn’t be easier.

Family sitting together on a couch looking through a Qeepsake Book.

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If you need any support ordering a book, reach out. We love hearing from you, and would be delighted to help!

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