How to Get the Most out of Qeepsake Video: An FAQ

All of the frequently asked questions about Qeepsake's newest feature, Qeepsake Video from uploading videos to sharing with loved ones.
Gem Garcin, Qeepsake Mom & Creator

Qeepsake Video

A Black mom typing into the Qeepsake App on her iphone "CJ Saying hi to the trains" with a wave and train emoji. You can see that she's also uploaded a cute video. Her son who is about 1.5 has his little baby hand on her thigh. She is pregnant, and you can see her bump in a tight navy shirt over maroon colored pants.

From your child’s first birthday and bike ride to that momentous walk when they graduate high school, some things are best captured through video. At last, our most highly requested feature is here — Qeepsake Video! Now you can remember your family’s journey exactly how it happened.

At Qeepsake, we’re always looking for innovative ways to help families effortlessly capture their full, authentic journey. We make it easy for families to remember and cherish every part of their one-of-a-kind stories. And there’s no better way to truly remember your family’s moments and milestones than through video. 

Questions about Qeepsake Video? Here are some frequently asked questions answered!

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Which Qeepsake Memberships can use Qeepsake Video?

The first launch of Qeepsake Video is available only to our Premium Members and their contributors. Just make sure that your Qeepsake App is updated to version 3.0.0 or later!

Why are we only offering video to Premium Members? Hosting videos safely and securely is expensive, and we don't want our members to have to shoulder this cost. We are able to provide this new feature exclusive to our Qeepsake Premium Members without increasing pricing on any of our plans! 

Are you a Lite or Plus member? Good news! You can upgrade to Premium anytime to get access to Qeepsake Video.


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How do I use the new Qeepsake Video feature?

To add video memories to your Qeepsake Journal, create a new entry or answer a question in the Qeepsake App. Click the "Add" button and you'll see "Choose Photo or Video." Your camera roll will pop up, and you can choose a favorite video 🎥

Just like with photo entries, you will be asked if you'd like to use the date your video was taken.

A dad holds his iphone in his hands and is adding a video entry. There is a pop-up that asks if he'd like to use the video date of January 17th 2022. The video is of a beautiful Asian mom and her sweet baby who is around two years old picking kumquats off of a tree. They are dressed in beautiful coral colored dresses and the baby is wearing super cute vans sneakers.

How long can an uploaded video be?

You can upload unlimited videos that are a minute or less in the Qeepsake App. If a selected video is longer than that, no worries! A video trimming feature will open automatically so you can choose the best 1-minute segment to accompany your journal entry. 

How can I share my Qeepsake Videos with loved ones? 

You can share Qeepsake Videos with loved ones by adding them as contributors in the family tab of the Qeepsake App. Premium Members can add as many contributors as they like! Your contributors can view and upload unlimited videos just as you can. This is perfect for when little ones are spending quality time with loved ones and you want to cherish all of those missed moments.

Will videos I add be included in the recap emails that Qeepsake sends to friends and family? 

We know how important it is to share videos with loved ones. That’s why we’re including animated GIFs of your video in recap emails. This way your friends and family can get a nice preview of your video without sacrificing your family’s privacy and security. Plus, who doesn’t love a good GIF?

Can I add a photo and video to a single Qeepsake journal entry? How about multiple videos?

We believe every meaningful moment deserves its own entry. Each Qeepsake entry is designed to capture one moment and its story. If you have both a video and a photo that are meaningful to you, it’s easy to create a separate entry for each of them. Our collage feature does not support videos at this time.

A Mexican mom hovers over the play button on her iphone. She is getting ready to play a video of her 7-year-old daughter licking the bottom of her birthday candles in the Qeepsake App. Her daughter is beautiful with dark brown long hair, she is wearing a floral coral and orange oversized bow in her hair.

Will journal entries with video be included in my Qeepsake Book?

Journal entries with video can’t be included in a Qeepsake Book today, but we’re working on it! We have exciting ideas on how to incorporate videos into your books. Stay tuned! Plus, we’d love to hear if you have any ideas that would make your experience with Qeepsake even better.

Can I add videos to Qeepsake through text messaging? 

Your memories are special and they deserve to be saved at the highest quality. Videos sent through text are often compressed by the carrier, compromising quality. To ensure the best quality for you and your family, videos can only be uploaded in the Qeepsake App. 

What happens to my saved videos if I cancel my Premium membership or if my Premium membership expires?

Once you save videos in the Qeepsake app, they are saved forever! You’ll always be able to access and view them even if you cancel your Premium membership or if it expires. However, you won’t be able to add any new videos unless you reactivate your Qeepsake Premium Membership. 

Add Your First Video Today!

Video doesn’t only capture moving images, but also the essence of your kiddos. Everything from their contagious laughter to the silly way they say their words will bring you right back to your most treasured moments that are easy to forget, but so worth remembering.

Qeepsake Video is our most requested feature EVER, and we’re so excited that you’ll now be able to save your favorite video memories in the Qeepsake App! If you’ve already given it a try, we’d love to hear what you think. We’d also excited to hear ideas on how to improve your experience. Please fill out this survey to share your feedback.

Start Saving Your Favorite Video Memories with Qeepsake Today!

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