Moments & Milestones That Are Easy to Forget But Worth Remembering

Gem Garcin, Qeepsake Mom & Creator

Being a parent is joy and it's hectic. Our to-do lists seem never-ending and there’s SO much to remember. I can't remember to pack the diapers, let alone remember the super sweet thing my 3-year-old said to me yesterday. These moments are SO worth remembering, but they seem to slip by so easily. As my kids grow an inch by the day, I want to remember all of the moments and milestones. That’s why I love Qeepsake. It helps me easily preserve my memories by simply texting them in photos and stories. And now with the Qeepsake App's freshly launched video feature, I can remember all of the special moments exactly how they happened. 

Sure, it’s easy to remember to record the most momentous things like our baby’s first steps. But there are so many other moments that happen that I wish I had on video, all curated in my Qeepsake Journal — like the sound of their laugh or the silly way they say their words.

We’ve gathered a list of easy to forget moments that you can now easily remember. So get your phone on video mode, and get ready to hit record.

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Typical Firsts & Milestones

Although it might seem easy at first to remember our baby’s first word or when they took their first steps, it can get tougher to remember all the details as they get older or if you have multiple kids. Qeepsake makes it effortless to capture these moments for each child with Qeepsake Milestones. Here are some typical firsts from pregnancy, IVF, and adoption, all the way through high school graduation in the Qeepsake App!

  • First Time You Heard Baby's Heartbeat
  • First Ultrasound
  • Found Our Baby's Sex
  • Pregnancy Announcement
  • Labor & Delivery
  • First Feeding
  • First Night at Home
  • First Bath
  • First Smile (and your heart is insta-mush)
  • First Laugh (baby giggles are the sweetest sound, and now with video you can listen to it as many times as you’d like)
  • First Tooth
  • First Solid Foods (a picture can't quite capture this like a video can)
  • First Roll Over
  • First Crawl
  • First Word (impossible to capture the first time, am I right?!)
  • First Steps (a must for video!)
  • First Birthday (video will bring you right back to that moment as you listen to all your favorite people sing along to the Happy birthday song)
  • First Haircut
  • First Song
  • First Dance
  • First Bike Ride
  • First Day of School
  • First Teacher
  • First Loose Tooth (and first visit from the tooth fairy)
  • First Sleepover
  • First Instrument
  • First Snow Day
  • First Science Experiment
  • First Love
  • First School Dance
  • Graduation Day
  • And so many more!

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The Not-So-Obvious Firsts

When They Say the Darndest Things

You won’t want to forget the first time your little one says or does something that has the whole family cracking up. Videos that capture these moments are priceless. It could be a funny mispronunciation or a questionable phrase they picked up from... who knows where? You won’t regret having a curated list in your Qeepsake Journal of all the funny things that come out of their little mouths. With our new video feature, you can hear their adorable little voices whenever you need a good laugh.

When They Meet Family Members for the First Time

The first time your little one meets family members is so, so special. Especially with the pandemic still looming large, those first visits are extra special. It’s exciting to witness initial reactions and see how your child bonds with each family member. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to capture these sweet meetings, so make sure to text them in or save them in the Qeepsake App!

The First Time They Express Love in Different Ways

It’s beyond special when your kiddo starts expressing their love, and how this changes over time. For instance, you’ll never want to forget the first time your child says 'I love you.' Or the first time they blew you a kiss. You’ll want to remember the first time they wrap their sweet little arms around you for a hug, and the various ways they show their affection even as they begin to assert their independence. Qeepsake Question #1510, for example, "How does your kiddo show you affection?"

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The First Time They Tried Different Foods

Strawberries probably weren't the first food they ever tried, but it's absolutely worth capturing. So sweet, so tart, so messy, so delightful. Make sure you remember the surprised way they twist up their face with every food they try. What do they throw and what do they reach for more of? Yogurt is always fun. And it's awesome to see what changes and what stays the same!

The First Time They Express Different Emotions

You might be hard at work trying to teach your kiddo how to identify and regulate their emotions. Do you remember the first in-store tantrum? How about the first time they took a deep breath, or asked for some space?

What about the first time they gave you sass? Or the first time they reminded you of a family member or yourself? You know how the sayings go — like mother, like daughter, like father, like son. You can also record the moments they reminded you of other family members. Did they get their sass from you or can you blame it on your older brother? The first time they mimicked you is another one you may want to catch on video!

How about the first time they were intentionally sweet?

And then there are the inevitable sibling fights. They are usually over the silliest things. Those are also worth recording since they make great stories after the fact. It might even give them something to bond about in the future!

Who did your kiddo get their sense of humor from and when was the first time they made you laugh? You’ll want to look back on those moments... especially after a sibling wrestling match or temper tantrums.

The First Time They Said Specific Words

Sometimes the first words out of your child’s mouth are mama or dada, but not always. In addition to their first words, you’ll want to record the first time they said any family members names (Nana, Sissy, Grandpa)! Or the first time they said a word that is special to you, like kitty, flower, or basketball.

Their First Friends

A lot of times, little ones are quick to make new friends. This can be heartwarming to watch. Remember those very first besties. From their first wave to their first playdate, these are all wonderful memories to capture. Pets double as family members and friends, too. Make sure to preserve moments with your little one and their first pet. Is there anything more joyful than recording a video of your little one getting puppy snuggles? Or your baby reacting to kitty purrs — the best sound to capture on video.

Their First Heartbreak

This might feel like a sad one, but it's such an important part of life! Ultimately, your teen will be glad you preserved the details they didn't want to remember. Your grandkids and even their grandkids will have this keepsake forever.

Their First Hobbies

It’s always fun to watch our children learn something new. Whether they're into swimming, dancing, soccer, or art, you’ll want to record their first moments learning more about who they are and what they like. These are memories worth treasuring forever. So record that first lap, the first baby freeze, and their first drawing. Capture the first time they sang in their very first performance. Cherish it forever with Qeepsake.

Captured and Cherish it All with Qeepsake

We hope this list of moments and milestones helps you record every part of your family’s beautiful journey. Your story is unique to YOU, so what might seem mundane to someone else, can mean everything in the world to your family.

With Qeepsake, it couldn’t be easier to keep track of it all. All you have to do is snap a pic or record a video, and add it to your Qeepsake Journal along with the story in your own words (or a journal contributor's).

Our best advice is to capture these moments and stories as they are happening. Trying to recall specific details of a story days later can be challenging. But with a simple text to Qeepsake, you can look back on all of the special memories for a lifetime. Even these moments and milestones that are so easy to forget, yet so worth remembering.

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