Everything You Can Do in Qeepsake’s Feature-Loaded App

Learn about the Qeepsake App, from milestones to photo editing, sharing with friends and family and more!
Jami Morton, Qeepsake Mom & Head of Member Experience

To get the most out of your Qeepsake experience no matter what membership you’re on, make sure to download the Qeepsake App.

Each of Qeepsake’s memberships come with their own set of amazing features, even our free plan, Qeepsake Lite! However, to get exclusive access to all of Qeepsake’s features, Qeepsake Premium is the way to go. Wondering what app features are included in memberships? Read on! 

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Everything You Can Do in the Qeepsake App


No two kids develop at the same rate (not even identical twins!), and that’s what makes each little one so special! Your kiddos will reach milestones when they’re ready, and Qeepsake will be there to help you capture it all. 

Due to member feedback, and in an effort to be inclusive of all kinds of families, we removed most milestone-related questions from our text questions and moved milestones to the Qeepsake App where you can answer them as they happen in your family. In addition to preserving those very first milestones, we offer milestones for families going through IVF, adoption, NICU, school, parenting firsts, and more! 

You can choose from nearly 100 free milestones to answer anytime in the Qeepsake App, and on our Plus and Premium Memberships, you’ll unlock so many more. Plus, we add more regularly, and the list is ever growing! 

Add Friends and Family 

All Qeepsake Members (Lite too!) can invite family and friends to receive regular recap emails — Qeepsake digests that land in your family members’ inboxes, allowing them to follow along your family’s journey. Click on the Family tab in the Qeepsake App to share your memories. 

Add Photos, Collages, and Videos!

Every member can add photos in the Qeepsake App (limit of five photos per month for free Lite Members). You can even share photos directly from your camera roll to the Qeepsake App! 

Plus and Premium Members can edit photos, build photo collages, and reorder photos and entries.

Premium Members get exclusive access to Qeepsake Video, the ability to upload 60-second video memories in the Qeepsake App. Remember all those precious moments, exactly how they happened!

Save Moments Real-Time

Not everything you add to your Qeepsake Journal will feel like a major milestone, but that’s what makes it authentic. Sometimes it’s the seemingly ordinary or even the unexpected moments in your life that make the sweetest memories. Capture them real-time in the Qeepsake App without worrying about question prompts. Lite Members can add up to five real-time moments in the Qeepsake App, while Plus and Premium members can upload unlimited photos and real-time entries.

Editing memories

Typos happen, and it’s all good! Going back to edit your entries is a piece of cake with the Qeepsake App. Fix typos, expand on the moment, or change the date (for Plus and Premium Members only), all from the app. 

Removing or editing questions

Some Qeepsake Questions won’t be applicable to your family –– we don’t track or store your data in the way Facebook does! However, with Qeepsake Plus and Premium you can edit any question to best fit your family’s journey. All members can also remove a question entirely from their entry response in the Qeepsake App. 

Customized Settings

The Qeepsake App makes it easy to customize your settings to fit your family. 

Question Settings

Go into the app to change your question delivery and channel preferences. You can get questions through text message, or just through app notification. 

Qeepsake Plus and Premium members can further customize question settings including what time you will receive your questions and how often. Don’t forget to specify your timezone! 

All members can opt in to holidays that are meaningful to your family, and opt out of holidays that don’t fit your story. 

With Qeepsake Plus and Premium, turn off questions entirely for journals about pets, partners, or even plants! Fill in those journals with real-time entries.

Journal Settings

Add a journal in the app (no limit on kiddos or journals), and customize your little one’s pronouns.

You can also choose which milestone categories to turn off and on based on your journey, and if your little warrior is a preemie, you can add how many weeks early they were. Their adjusted age will then show up in your journal!

Add and edit your book title and subtitle right in your journal settings as well.

Friends and Family

In app settings, you will also find a friends and family section! From here, you can add, edit permissions, and remove any friend or family member that you’ve chosen to share your entries with.

Add Contributors

Qeepsake Premium Members can add multiple contributors — it’s a great way to capture your family’s journey from every angle. Contributors will have their own account, receive text questions, and can share photos and videos. Their entries will save right in your little one’s journal (and book!) alongside your entries. Click on the family tab to add contributors within the Qeepsake App.

Preview and Order Your Books

With the Qeepsake App, you have your Qeepsake Books always at your fingertips. Although editing Qeepsake Books is easier to do on a large screen, it’s nice to check your progress and swapping photos is quicker in the Qeepsake App. 

Share Your Feedback With the Qeepsake Team

The Qeepsake Team truly values your feedback. Our features and fixes are a direct result of hearing from our members. That’s why in the Qeepsake App, we’ve made it easy to submit feedback (and glitches) reviewed by our Product and Support Teams daily.

Why Qeepsake

Qeepsake’s vision is a world where every family can remember and cherish their full, authentic journey. We created the Qeepsake App to help make this vision a reality. The app makes it easy for busy parents to capture their moments, milestones, and even the messes too! 

If you have any questions or funny anecdotes, please feel free to reach out! We love hearing from you.

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