Qeepsake Milestones: Capture Your Family's Unique Story

Everything you need to know about Qeepsake Milestones and how they can help you capture your family's journey!
Caroline Herman, Qeepsake Creator

Every family has a unique story, and Qeepsake is here to help you effortlessly capture it all. From the moment you dream of your little one, to their momentous graduation walk, there are so many milestones worth capturing.

Qeepsake has many different milestone categories and over 150 milestones to choose from and document. Here’s everything you need to know!

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Milestone Categories

There are so many milestones during pregnancy worth capturing, baby milestones, 15 month old milestones, and even high school milestones! There are milestones to capture in the child adoption process, IVF, and during a NICU stay. Every family’s journey is different, and your milestones are just as unique.

Milestones live on a dedicated page in the Qeepsake App, and you can toggle on only the categories that apply to your family. Milestones that include a photo will appear as a full-page layout in your Qeepsake Book. Your family’s most special moments deserve to be remembered in a big way!

Here’s a brief overview of each category, and some example milestone questions. Each milestone question will include your child’s name and the pronouns you choose in your journal settings.


Baby milestones are full of firsts! They include age-based and developmental milestones. Remember that all babies develop in their own way and at their own time. If a milestone doesn’t apply to your little one, skip it! It won’t show up in your book unless you answer it. From first night at home to first word to baby’s first haircut, and so many wonderful moments in between. 

First Smile 

When did your baby first smile? What were they responding to?


So often we keep a close eye on our baby’s milestones, but then their childhood goes by in a flash. There are so many childhood milestones worth remembering — the funny way they sang the alphabet for the first time, that first visit from the tooth fairy, and even their first broken heart you mended.

Learned a Dance

When did your child first learn or choreograph a dance? Who did they perform for?


Documenting those first days of school are always a must! With school-specific milestones, you can remember their very first time on the school bus to their high school graduation.

First Science Experiment 

What did your child create their first science experiment? What was the experience like for them?


Baby memory books don’t usually account for the magical, messy, and hilarious milestones you experience as a parent. As a new parent, and with each new child, you’ll find yourself facing quite a few firsts of your own! 

First Time You Forgot the Diaper Bag

When was the first time you left the house without the diaper bag or another crucial item? How did you make do?


IVF milestones allow you to capture every single step and all of the feelings that come along with the process. Capture your first consultation, embryo transfer day, your last day of stims and so much more. 

Two Week Wait

How did you feel during the two week wait? What did you do to keep busy?


Pregnancy can be an exciting term and a nerve wracking time. Every feeling is valid and it’s part of your journey. Capture every milestone from the moment you find out you're expecting to the first signs of labor.

First Kick

When did you first feel a kick? Was it a light or strong kick? Where were you at the time?


If you’re a NICU parent, you know there’s plenty of challenges and celebrations along the way. Every moment matters, and each sign of growth is a new level of joy. Did you have a favorite nurse or doctor that positively impacted your experience? What was it like when your baby passed their car seat test?

Rooting Reflex

When was the first time your baby put their hand in their mouth or indicated readiness to feed another way? How did you react?


The process of adopting a child is full of anticipation and excitement. This milestone category honors the road to adoption all the way up to meeting and bringing your sweet little one home. 

The Search is Over!

When did you find your perfect match? What did you learn about your child?

Upcoming Milestones

As Qeepsake continues to add to our milestone categories, we’re always looking for news ways to support every Qeepsaker on their unique journey. Upcoming ideas include special needs milestones, religious milestones, cultural milestones, and more. We celebrate the differences and diversity in all Qeepsake Families.

Have a thought for another milestone category or question we should add? Reach out, we would LOVE to hear your ideas! 

If you’re interested in reading Qeepsake Reviews or curious to learn more about Qeepsake’s features from a parent’s point of view, check out this dad’s Qeepsake Review here.

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