The Top 5 Reasons Qeepsake Memberships Make the Best Gifts

Learn why Qeepsake Memberships make the BEST gifts for baby showers, mother’s day, father’s day, birthdays, and holidays!
Gem Garcin, Qeepsake Mom & Creator

As my family’s Chief Gift Giver (CGG), it’s my responsibility to do all the gift-giving. And shopping. And wrapping. And, well, you know the deal. If you’re a parent, you know something so delightful can also feel stressful, especially when looking for meaningful and unique gifts. On top of that, supply shortages and shipping nightmares can make fantastic gift-giving a challenge. 

But lucky for me (and you), I’ve found the perfect hack — the gift of Qeepsake. Hands in the air if gift-giving is your love language 🙋

Qeepsake Memberships make PERFECT gifts! What’s better than giving someone the gift of effortlessly capturing every part of their family’s journey?

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1. Qeepsake Memberships are a Gratitude Practice

A Qeepsake membership is a unique gift for all the parents in your life. So thoughtful for new moms, busy dads, caretaking grandparents, and everything in between.

Pregnant Woman or Pregnant Mom fills out her Qeepsake Pregnancy Journal in the Qeepsake App. Her husband's hand is resting on her arm as she snuggles up. The image shows her and her older daughter and pregnant belly walking on the beach, looking at each other and smiling. Their hair is blowing in the wind.

It’s a gift that can be enjoyed every day, and for a lifetime really. Kids grow up so dang fast. “The days are long and the months are short” constantly rings through my head, and I’m so grateful to have my Qeepsake Journals to remember and reminisce.

An unexpected benefit of the daily reflection questions I receive from Qeepsake is a regularly scheduled gratitude practice. At the end of each day, I get a few minutes to stop and think about my little ones and our journey together. These moments vary from silly to profound, and I’m always left thinking of the kids affectionately (yes, even when they’ve been little $&!#%). 

It makes me feel grateful to be their mom.

2. Qeepsake Memberships Help Families Stay Connected

When you give a Qeepsake Membership, you are investing in your loved one being able to remember and cherish their full, authentic journey. You’re helping them capture all of the stories and moments that are so easy to forget yet so worth remembering. And to share the love with the people who matter most.

Qeepsake Memberships help families feel close (no matter the distance). With our family and friend sharing features, memories, stories, and photos can be shared in real-time, even with loved ones thousands of miles apart.

My parents are obsessed with reading all the ridiculous, loving, and silly stories I share about my girls. Despite living 3,000 miles away, they never feel like they miss a beat. 

Image of a phone showing an email inbox with a message from Qeepsake. Subject reads Your Qeepsake Recap, and email shows a new journal entry of Lucas, about 3-year-old boy, playing in the fountain with his mama.

3. Qeepsake Memberships Enhance Joy & Affection in Families

I’ve added my partner as a contributor to my Qeepsake journals. That means he too gets questions about our kids and can add photos and memories that I otherwise would likely never have seen. It’s super nice to have stories from both Mom and Dad in our journals. We spend several minutes each evening reminiscing and often chuckling over the questions of the night and our responses.

Having a Qeepsake Membership helps us appreciate and be present to all of the little moments, even the difficult and messy ones. When we get our daily Qeepsake texts, my partner and I are always left feeling grateful. 

Qeepsake is the best way to wrap up the day, especially the long, hectic ones. Those moments help us remember why it’s all worth it. 

4. Qeepsake Memberships Are Effortless

Qeepsake Memberships make the most thoughtful gift AND they’re SO easy to buy. No scrambling for parking, forgotten gifts, or sweating over shipping delays. Gift your loved ones the ability to effortlessly capture every part of their family’s journey. You don’t even have to leave the house.

All you have to do is click and order on the Qeepsake website, and suddenly you’re knocking out your gift list in record-breaking time. Yep, you’re Santa now. Amazing, right?

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5. Qeepsake Memberships are the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Qeepsake Memberships are fantastic for just about every occasion. They make amazing baby showers and sprinkles, mother’s day, father’s day, first birthdays (don’t forget it might be mom’s “birth day” too!), and holiday gifts!

Expecting parents can immediately start using their Qeepsake Membership to record their authentic pregnancy, IVF, or adoption journey as they await their sweet bundle of joy.

Jen G's Qeepsake Pregnancy Book "The Bump Days" shows pictures of Jen G while pregnant with her partner Brandon and a story she wrote about their baby when they were expecting. Book is open and sit on the floor in front of a tree with lights.

I LOVE looking back at all my pregnancy stories. Those nine months are such a precious and fleeting time. I’m glad that all I have to do is look back at my Qeepsake Book, “The Bump Years,” to remember that journey. I get a good laugh reminiscing on my interesting cravings (fruit and tacos anyone?) and pregnancy brain moments.

I’m so, so glad it’s all documented, and I can’t wait to share it with my kiddos someday. That’s why I’m so thankful a friend told me about Qeepsake before I became “Mama.” I’d bet the expecting parents in your life will feel the same way. What a gift!

The Gift of Qeepsake

Qeepsake’s vision is to live in a world where every family’s full, authentic journey can be remembered and cherished. And we’re on a mission to create this world for all kinds of families. When you gift a Qeepsake Membership, you’re creating that kind of world for your loved ones. We are so grateful that you’re a part of the Qeepsake Journey!

As a Qeepsake Mom, I love how this tool makes it entirely effortless to build family heirlooms and feel close to my loved ones. I’m so thankful to be able to remember it ALL! I can’t think of a better gift than that. 

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