What Busy Moms Really Want for Mother's Day

Wondering what to get Mom? Here's a realistic take on how to treat her this Mother's Day!
Caroline Herman, Qeepsake Creator

It’s almost Mother’s Day, a time to appreciate the Mom who seems to do it all. You might be thinking, what expensive gift could possibly show her how much her hard work means to us? I’m sure she wouldn’t complain about a fancy bouquet or a nice piece of jewelry. But sometimes it’s more about the little things than the grand gestures. If you’re looking to make her day, here are some ideas for what busy Moms really want for Mother’s Day.

A Meal That Just Shows Up

We all think of the classic breakfast in bed scene. In reality, many Moms would appreciate any meal at all, especially if she doesn’t have to plan, cook, or share it. That’s not to say a PB&J sandwich should necessarily be your first choice, but it’s the thought that goes into picking a meal she’d like, preparing the ingredients, and serving it to her that will make her feel loved and appreciated. All Mom has to do is kick up her feet and enjoy a delicious (or at the very least, palatable) meal! If budget permits, a nice kid-free dinner out is always a win!

A man preparing a meal. He's wearing a solid black shirt and standing in front of a stove. He has a beard and dark brown hair, short, well kept. He holds a spatula in his right hand and the pan's lid in his left. He's stirring the contents of the pan. Perhaps making breakfast in bed for his wife for Mother's Day.


Just literal, uninterrupted silence. Whether it’s an hour or the whole day – just as much time as humanly possible to recharge. This could mean sending her out for a spa day, checking her into a hotel for the night, or having Grandma watch the little ones. The options really are endless, as long as there’s no “MOOOOOOOMMMMMS”. 

Qeepsake Membership

Of course, if she doesn’t have a Qeepsake Membership yet, this is such a good Mother's Day Gift for a busy Mom. There’s nothing like helping her capture and cherish her family’s most precious memories. It’s a gift that will save her time and give her peace of mind. Plus, she’ll be able to revisit her favorite family moments and milestones, over and over again. If you want to learn more about why Qeepsake makes an incredible gift, check out some Qeepsake Reviews.

Two photos side by side. On the left, to hands are holding a smartphone. There is a text conversation open as they send a message to their Qeepsake account. They are texting that they had an amazing baby bash at their baby shower the night before. It is a picture of a Black woman in a beautiful long blue dress. n the right, the phone screen is open to the Qeepsake app. It shows a journal entry that has been entered. The question is about finding out the baby's gender and the picture is of pregnant mom with baby bump, dad, and toddler big brother at the gender reveal. It's a boy gender reveal!
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Anything Handmade

It’s true, made with love means more than made perfectly. Arts and crafts, handwritten cards – anything that’s created with Mom in mind and comes from the heart will mean more than you know. This could be a necklace made of pasta noodles, or having the kids draw or paint a family portrait. It’s always heartwarming, even if it makes you think “is that really what I look like?” It’s a personal, one of a kind masterpiece in her eyes.

Two people are playing with paint. A child's hand is outstretched while the other person paints the child's hand red with a paintbrush..

DIY Love Coupons 

One of the most meaningful things you can do is think of those everyday things Mom does so readily for everyone else, and create DIY “coupons.” Think a “schedule the next pediatrician appointment” coupon. Gather up a list of a few activities that can be done for her and write them down. The catch? Let her redeem them whenever she wants! This means you have to be ready to wash the car or meal prep at a moment's notice (and actually do it!). Now that’s the true gift! 

Qeepsake Book

Speaking of personal, nothing captures how unique your family is like a photo journal. A Qeepsake Book simplifies things, conveniently creating your book as the entries are added. All you have to do is select the date range you’d like and BAM! You’ve got a gift full of Mom’s most cherished memories with those that mean the most to her. It really is that easy!

The cover of a Qeepsake Book is shown. A parent and child are looking at the book together, and we see the parent's hand resting on the cover of the book. There is a photo of a child on the cover of the book. He is sitting on a log in the forest with a big smile on his face. He looks about four years old and is wearing a gray sweatshirt and gray sweatpants. There are colorful leaves that have fallen in the background. The text on the book cover reads "Cannon" and "The First 5 Years" right below.
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We hope this gave you some inspiration on how you can treat Mom to a bit of rest and relaxation this Mother’s Day. No matter how you choose to celebrate Mom, be sure to thank her for all that she does and let her know just how much you appreciate her. After all, she deserves to be reminded every day!

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