Qeepsake Selected to Join Enfamil’s New Premium Family Beginnings® Program

Qeepsake announces partnership with Enfamil, offering exclusive access for Enfamil customers to Qeepsake’s memory capture platform
Team Qeepsake

Newton, Mass., August 10, 2021 – Qeepsake, the platform families use to capture and share milestones and memories, announces today it will be partnering with Enfamil, an American infant formula brand, on its Premium Family Beginnings® program.

Enfamil created its Premium Family Beginnings® program for parents to discover exclusive special offers at exceptional prices. To further contribute to the variety of Enfamil Premium Family Beginnings® offers, Qeepsake is presenting members with an exclusive deal on its Qeepsake Premium membership and custom-printed Qeepsake Books. 

Enfamil selected Qeepsake as its exclusive memory-saving service due to the company’s mission to assist all types of families in capturing, preserving and cherishing daily memories.

“We’re delighted Enfamil has selected Qeepsake to be part of its Premium Family Beginnings® program, as our team has worked tirelessly to provide a service for new parents that makes saving and sharing milestones and memories effortless,” said Jeff McNeil, co-CEO and co-founder of Qeepsake. “Since the best time to begin saving memories about your little one is early on, this partnership with Enfamil introduces parents to our time-saving service at just the right time in their journey!” 

To learn more about Qeepsake, visit www.qeepsake.com or see www.enfamil.com/premium-enfamil-family-beginnings for more details on Enfamil’s Family Beginnings® program. 

About Qeepsake

Qeepsake has made it effortless for all kinds of families to capture and share the stories they cherish along life’s journey. Qeepsake’s 5-star rated mobile app sends members daily texts, prompting them to text back a favorite story, moment or milestone with a photo from the day. Qeepsake securely stores these texts and photos in a digital journal that can then be effortlessly transformed into beautiful, predesigned, custom-printed memory books for the entire family to enjoy. Featured on Shark Tank, Qeepsake has grown its member base to more than half a million families across the U.S. and Canada who have saved over 40 million moments and milestones with the service.

About Enfamil

Enfamil has provided infant and toddler nutrition for over 100 years through its extensive line of formula products and nutritional drinks. When it comes to making important choices about your baby’s nutrition, there’s nothing like a recommendation from a trusted source. Whether it comes from your pediatrician, the hospital where your baby was born or another parent, using Enfamil gives you the confidence you’ve made the best choice for your baby. And whether you’re starting out with formula, supplementing or switching, Enfamil supports your journey with a complete family of formulas, from everyday nutrition to specialty formulas, to fuel the wonder of your little one.

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