Qeepsake Announces Partnership With Project Sweet Peas, NICU Parent Network, and PreemieWorld In Support of NICU Awareness Month

Throughout the month of September, Qeepsake will align with Project Sweet Peas NY, NICU Parent Network, and PreemieWorld to support NICU families and caregivers across the U.S.
Team Qeepsake

Newton, Mass., Sept. 15, 2021 – Qeepsake, the platform families join to capture and share milestones and memories, today announces its partnership with Project Sweet Peas, NICU Parent Network, and PreemieWorld, to bolster support and raise attention around Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Awareness Month in September. 

In the United States alone, one in seven babies born will spend time in the NICU. Qeepsake’s goal in working with NICU-dedicated partners is to raise awareness for the families on this journey, while spotlighting the caregivers who have devoted their lives to helping NICU babies flourish and reach their milestones. 

Below is a list of initiatives Qeepsake is involved in for NICU Awareness Month in alignment with their partners:

  • NICU Graduation Ceremony: Throughout the month of September, Qeepsake is partnering with Project Sweet Peas NY to give every family graduating from the NICU a free Qeepsake Premium Annual Membership ($95 value) at their ceremony.
  • Neonatal Nurses Week, Sept. 13-19: Qeepsake is partnering with Project Sweet Peas NY to provide their NICU nurses with a free Qeepsake Premium Annual Membership ($95 value) during Neonatal Nurses Week from Sept. 13-19. 
  • NICU Parents Network: Qeepsake is providing NICU Parents Network members with gift certificates for free Qeepsake Premium Annual Memberships ($95 value each) to give away on social media to help raise participation in NICU Awareness Month.
  • NICU Awareness Day, Sept. 30: Qeepsake will host an IGTV Live panel for NICU Awareness Day on Sept. 30. Hosted on Instagram, moms who have been through a NICU experience will provide insight on how family and friends can better understand and support loved ones who are on a NICU journey. 
  • 5K Your Way: Qeepsake staff and families will be walking, jogging, running, roller skating and biking five kilometers this month to raise funds that directly support NICU families. Donations can be made here.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to assist Project Sweet Peas, NICU Parent Network, and PreemieWorld in their strides to support NICU families and caregivers throughout the month of September and beyond,” said Jeff McNeil, CEO and co-founder of Qeepsake. “Though the days and months of a NICU stay can be difficult and pose many obstacles, at Qeepsake we believe every moment and milestone is meaningful and should be captured for families to look back and see how far they’ve come in the years ahead.”

To learn more about Qeepsake, visit www.qpsake.com/fam or see www.qpsake.com/blog-NICU-Awareness-2021 for more details on NICU Awareness partners. 

About Qeepsake

Qeepsake has made it effortless for all kinds of families to capture and share the stories they cherish along life’s journey. Qeepsake’s five-star rated mobile app sends members daily texts, prompting them to text back a favorite story, moment or milestone with a photo from the day. Qeepsake securely stores these texts and photos in a digital journal that can be shared in recap emails and effortlessly transformed into beautiful, predesigned, custom-printed memory books for the entire family to enjoy. Winner of the prestigious Mom's Choice Awards and featured on Shark Tank, Qeepsake has grown its member base to more than 700,000 families across the U.S. and Canada who have saved over 40 million moments and milestones with the platform.

About Project Sweet Peas

Project Sweet Peas is a non-profit organization coordinated by volunteers who are passionate about supporting families of premature or sick infants and those who have been affected by pregnancy and infant loss. They are dedicated to helping parents in this difficult time and do so in many ways. One major way Project Sweet Peas helps NICU families is by promoting family-centered care competencies in hospitals nationwide. This includes, but is not limited to, care packages, hospital events, offering peer-to-peer support, financial aid and educational materials.

About NICU Parent Network

NICU Parent Network is a conglomerate of NICU Support Organizations led by NICU Parent Professionals. They are the only professional association for NICU Parent Leaders in the United States. The NICU Parent Network offers a platform for these leaders to gather as a collective voice representing the needs and best interests of NICU families. They advocate for NICU families in all facets from healthcare policy and care guidelines to education and family support. Their mission is to provide essential tools to make NICU organizations more successful.

About PreemieWorld

PreemieWorld is an organization that provides valuable resources that help healthcare professionals deliver the best care for NICU patients and their families. Their resources provide support for premature babies at every stage. They offer coaching to neonatal professionals so parents can feel supported during this difficult time. Their work helps parents cope with the overwhelming stress that comes along with making decisions for their child throughout the NICU journey.

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