Qeepsake Questions: How They Work & Question Examples

Get the answers to everything you've been wondering about Qeepsake Questions!
Gem Garcin, Qeepsake Mom & Creator

This is Qeepsake’s secret sauce. The way hundreds of thousands of families effortlessly capture their full, authentic journey in a single text per day — Qeepsake Questions.

Qeepsake Questions land in your text messages – or app notifications (your choice). They’re little daily reminders that prompt you to capture the moments and milestones you want to cherish.

We’re giving you a sneak peek behind the scenes with an FAQ, some of our favorite Qeepsake Question examples, and how to get the most out of your experience.

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How do Qeepsake Questions work?

As a Qeepsake Member, you can receive and reply to Qeepsake Questions through text. 

You can also change the delivery method to an app notification in Question Settings if you prefer. 

With Qeepsake Plus or Premium, you can receive daily questions, and with Qeepsake Lite, you’ll receive one per week. All you have to do is select your preferred time of day, and voila! You’re set to receive your questions. With Qeepsake Plus and Premium Plans, you can set your preference for how often you'd like to receive questions, from weekly up to multiple questions daily.

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Questions will include your little one’s name and the pronouns you choose in your account settings.

Every question that you answer with a story and photo will be automatically formatted into your Qeepsake Book and sent in a regular recap email to family and friends of your choosing. If you don’t want an entry to appear in your book, simply toggle it off in the Qeepsake App. 

Are Qeepsake Questions based on age?

Yes! When setting up your Qeepsake Account, you’ll be asked to include your child’s birthday or due date. This keeps questions relevant to your child. 

Your family’s day-to-day life will look pretty different once your newborn becomes a toddler and then drastically in their teenage years. Though some questions are more general and can apply to any age, such as: Reflect on your child’s day — what were the highs and lows?

Here are some examples of age-based Qeepsake Questions:

Expecting Question: What do you call your baby now? Do you imagine that changing when your baby arrives?

Newborn Question: What is it like to bond with your new baby?

Baby Question: What personality traits do you see developing in your little one?

Toddler Question: Has your kiddo ever stolen anything off your plate? If they could eat anything, what do you think they’d choose?

Teenage Question: Is your teenager driving yet? Describe the car they are using!

Some questions repeat from time to time. This allows you to see how your answers change and evolve. For instance, the things that made your child smile six months ago might be totally different now –– and that’s so worth capturing.

If it seems that your questions aren’t age-appropriate, try checking their birthday in your account settings. If that doesn’t work, please reach out to us for support. We’re always delighted to hear from you and ready to help.

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What types of questions does Qeepsake ask?

As you begin receiving questions, you’ll find that there’s a wide variety. Some will prompt quick, short responses, while others will be more thought-provoking. Some days you’ll have more to reflect on than others, and it’s wonderful to have a diverse array of questions and answers to look back on.

Plus and Premium Members can respond “skip” and send in a spontaneous memory from your day if you find a question doesn't suit you or your family. Don’t forget to add a picture!

If you forget to respond to a question, or the day gets away from you, don’t worry! Plus and Premium Members can find previous questions in their Qeepsake App and go back to fill those in at any time.

Can I edit Qeepsake Questions to make them customized to my family?

We know that not all questions will apply to every family, and that’s because we don’t track your information! However, if you find yourself wanting to tweak an existing question (or change one entirely), you can edit or remove questions in the Qeepsake App with a Plus or Premium Membership. 

You’ll also find the option to remove a question altogether in the Qeepsake App, or reply “skip” to the text and simply send a spontaneous entry instead. 

Purple button with white text. Click here to upgrade to a Qeepsake Plus or Qeepsake Premium Membership to be able to edit Qeepsake Questions.

What are some examples of Qeepsake Questions?

Now that you know what to expect from Qeepsake Questions, here are a few of our favorite Qeepsake Question samples:

What is one of your child’s traits that you hope will never change?
What does your kiddo do that makes you laugh every time?
How has having your child in your life changed you?
Does your baby have kissable cheeks? Describe!
Who did your kiddo spend time with today?
Have you chosen the first outfit for bringing your baby home? Describe!
What funny things has your little one started saying recently?
What do you think your teenager would do if their friend was in trouble?
What are your parenting superpowers?
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Who writes Qeepsake Questions?

We have a tiny but mighty team of parents at the helm who are constantly dreaming up new questions. 

Have an idea for questions you’d like to see added to better reflect your family’s journey? Reach out! Some of our favorite questions have come from member requests! 

Qeepsake is designed to help you remember and cherish your family’s unique story — with ease. 

Have questions on questions? We’re here to help!

Have feedback on the types of questions you want to answer or would rather not receive? Let us know here!

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