We're Proud to Participate in NICU Awareness Month

Qeepsake is proud to support NICU Awareness Month with our partners, staff and members.
Team Qeepsake

From the happiest moments to the toughest ones, Qeepsake is there for your family through it all. That’s why this September we’re honored to recognize and support NICU families and members throughout NICU Awareness Month.

The incomparable strength of our NICU families inspires us greatly. To show our support, we partnered with some amazing organizations that all do an incredible job caring for NICU families. You can learn more about these partners below.

Join Us During NICU Awareness Month

We believe this journey is worth remembering. All of it. To our NICU families, we see you and we honor your strength and courage. 

If you want to show your support for NICU families, join or donate to the Qeepsake Team for the Project Sweet Peas Virtual 5K Fundraiser (anyone can participate from anywhere)! We have over a dozen team members pledging to walk, ride, jog or dance to raise money that goes directly to NICU families in need. You can learn more about this fundraiser and even create your own team here.

Join the conversation on Instagram @Qeepsake where we will help raise awareness for NICU families and support staff all month long. See you there!

NICU Features in the Qeepsake App

Qeepsake is committed to supporting NICU families on their journey. We've taken the following steps to ensure that NICU parents can capture and cherish their tiny warrior's stories.

  1. As all babies develop at their own pace (and especially preemies 👶), we've begun separating milestone question prompts from text questions. In the future, these questions will be featured exclusively in Milestones in the app. This enables parents to fill out milestones as they happen, while receiving text questions that are relevant to their family.
  2. We've added NICU Milestones to the app! From koala care to graduation day, NICU families can capture it all.
  3. When you add your little one's birthday to your Qeepsake journal, you'll have an option to share how many weeks early your baby was born. This will show chronological age along with adjusted age in your digital journal!

Have ideas for more ways Qeepsake can support your NICU journey? Let us know!

Show Your Support

There are so many ways to show support for NICU families this month! Please take a moment to consider raising awareness with us in any of these family-friendly ways:

  • Like, comment and share on social #NICUAwareness #qeepsake
  • Nominate your NICU for donations and supplies
  • Wear green on September 30th in solidarity with NICU families
  • Join the Qeepsake Team for the Virtual 5K fundraiser
  • Make a donation to the Food & Fuel Assistance Fund for NICU families

Be sure to share your support and stories with us on Instagram or send a heart-warming story with our support team. We love hearing from you!

Incredible Partners Making This Possible

Project Sweet Peas

Project Sweet Peas is a 501(c)3 national non-profit organization coordinated by volunteers, who through personal experience have become passionate about providing support to families of premature or sick infants and to those who have been affected by pregnancy and infant loss.

Project Sweet Peas acknowledges the importance of parental involvement in caregiving and decision-making in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and seeks to promote family-centered care (FCC) competencies in hospitals nationwide. Care packages, hospital events, peer-to-peer support, financial aid, educational materials, and other Project Sweet Peas services, support the cultural, spiritual, emotional, and financial needs of families as they endure life in the NICU.

Project Sweet Peas makes a lifelong commitment to support families experiencing pregnancy and infant loss. In a baby’s last moments, families are encouraged to make cherished memories with custom Project Sweet Peas keepsake items. Healing and remembrance continue to be fostered through programming such as peer-to-peer support, and our annual candlelight vigil.

NICU Parent Network

NICU Parent Network is a conglomerate of NICU Support Organizations led by NICU Parent Professionals. They are the only professional association for NICU Parent Leaders in the United States. The NICU Parent Network offers a platform for these leaders to gather as a collective voice representing the needs and best interests of NICU families. They advocate for NICU families in all facets from healthcare policy, care guidelines to education and family support. Their mission is to provide essential tools to make NICU organizations more successful.

Preemie World

Preemie World is an organization that provides valuable resources that help healthcare professionals deliver the best care for NICU patients and their families. Their resources provide support for premature babies at every stage. They provide coaching to neonatal professionals so that parents can feel the most supported during this difficult time. Their work helps parents cope with the overwhelm that comes along with making decisions for their child in a state of high-stress.

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