Meet Dr Ariana, Our New Pediatric Partner

Announcing our new pediatric partner, Dr Ariana Witkin! Check out this post to learn more about Dr Ariana's expertise and what to expect from this exciting partnership for all Qeepsake members!
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New parenthood is a beautiful thing (even the 2nd, 3rd or 6th time around), but it also has its challenges. There is no shortage of parenting advice and we know it can be pretty overwhelming.

At Qeepsake, we want to make sure your journey is filled with more joy and ease. That’s why we partnered with an expert in pediatric and postpartum care to deliver her best tips. We’re happy to announce our newest partnership with Dr. Ariana Witkin!

Dr. Ariana Witkin

Dr. Ariana Witkin is a pediatrician, NICU specialist, and expert thought leader on Postpartum Care. She is a mother to a beautiful 2 year old daughter, Sadie. Through her pregnancy journey, she witnessed the lack of support for mothers in healthcare. She knew if she felt unsupported as a pediatrician, there had to be more women who felt the same. 

It became Dr. Ariana’s passion to provide that missing support and guidance to mothers. Since then, she has worked with many mothers as a consultant and mentor. Her goal is to empower mothers to take care of themselves and decrease anxiety. She helps them become more present with their families so they can cultivate more joy.

Pediatrician and Postpartum Care expert Dr Ariana Witkin
Meet Dr Ariana Witkin!

Exclusive Content Coming Your Way

Through Dr. Ariana’s training and experience, she has gained insight on caring for baby and mom in that critical first year. We’re delighted to bring her insights to the Qeepsake community.

On the Qeepsake blog, Dr. Ariana will share insights and actionable tips on everything from choosing a pediatrician to tips on feeding your baby and yourself. 

Dr. Ariana will be going LIVE on Qeepsake's Instagram (@qeepsake) to share real world talk on postpartum and all things parenthood. Be sure to join the Live Show to get your questions answered in real-time.

To learn more about Dr. Ariana and her services, visit her site.

Stay tuned for some exclusive Qeepsake member deals for her services and educational content - watch your emails (and reach out to support if you're not on the list:!

We would love to hear how we can support you with more helpful ideas from hard-to-find info to just-in-time deals! DM us on IG or contact support from your mobile app or email.

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