Qeepsake Video: Making it Easier Than Ever to Curate Your Home Videos

Now you can effortlessly capture and curate your family’s story from the palm of your hand with Qeepsake’s newest feature: Qeepsake Video. Qeepsake makes it easy to stay present in the moments that matter, while you capture and curate your journey with a single text per day.

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Here’s how it works

1. Receive fun and reflective questions from Qeepsake in your texts, reply back with a story and photo.

2. Your responses are organized for you into digital journals in the Qeepsake App. The app is loaded with awesome features like milestones, photo-editing, collages, family sharing, video, and more.

3. As you add entries, your journal is automagically transformed into a beautiful book that you can preview at any time and order with any date range you'd like.

Tap order and VOILA! Custom memory books arrive on your doorstep filled with the people and moments that matter most to you.

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A dad holds his iphone in his hands and is adding a video entry. There is a pop-up that asks if he'd like to use the video date of January 17th 2022. The video is of a beautiful Asian mom and her sweet baby who is around two years old picking kumquats off of a tree. They are dressed in beautiful coral colored dresses and the baby is wearing super cute vans sneakers.

Qeepsake has three different membership plans

Qeepsake Premium is our only membership plan that comes with Qeepsake Video and the ability to add journal contributors. This plan is for those who want the ultimate experience with friends and family, and every exclusive feature Qeepsake has to offer.

$7.99/month, paid annually

Qeepsake Plus is for those who want to explore some of Qeepsake’s exclusive features on a budget.

$3.99/month, paid annually

Qeepsake Lite is a test drive before you’re ready to commit. 

Free Forever 

Qeepsake Books

Your digital Qeepsake Journals are automatically formatted into beautiful custom Qeepsake Books to order or gift. With all your memories secure and organized, you can easily select any date range you want included. Just add a title, choose hard or softcover, and you’re ready to place your order!

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A family including a white Dad and Asian mom and their 6-month-old baby sit in the park on a blue Gathre mat with a pink Gathre floor cushion and a stars Gathre floor cushion next to them. They are laughing and smiling together looking at and reading a Qeepsake Book. The title of the book is "Noah: The First 6 Months" and it shows a sweet little baby boy in a basket wrapped in a gray swaddle with a gray hat.

Transform your family’s journey into memories they’ll cherish with you for years to come.

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