In Celebration of Black History Month, Meet Founder & CEO of Partake Foods Denise Woodard

Learn all about Denise Woodard and her incredible contributions.
Caroline Herman, Qeepsake Correspondant

For Qeepsake's first Black History Month feature, meet Denise Woodard, Founder and CEO of Partake Foods, and Mom to daughter, Vivienne. After Vivienne had severe allergic reactions to multiple foods, Woodard knew she had to create something different to improve her daughter's quality of life.

Denise Woodard in two pictures with her beautiful daughter, Vivienne. Reads: Denise Woodard Founder & CEO of Partake Foods, Woodard launched her allergen-friendly food company after her young daughter suffered several serious allergic reactions to common food ingredients. She is the first Black woman to have raised a million dollars for a package food company. Partake offers allergy-friendly foods that those with and without food restrictions can enjoy and share with confidence. Showing families that it's possible to live well with allergies through yummy, healthy snacks and a supportive community.

Woodard’s dedication to providing allergy-friendly and delicious snack options led her to create the nationally recognized brand and become an inspiration (and support) to many. Plus, thanks to Woodard, any cookie lover can enjoy a tasty treat without fear of an allergic reaction!

When Woodard couldn’t find an easy food solution for her daughter’s multiple and complex allergies, she got to work on creating her own. She started by selling her yummy and allergy-friendly treats from her car, until she could commit to running her business full-time.

Launching Partake Foods led her to become the first Black woman to raise a million dollars for a package food company!

Woodard’s amazing efforts don't stop with her own brand. Students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities have the opportunity to join Partake's Black Futures in Food & Beverage fellowship program, helping them launch their own careers in the CPG industry.

Not only is Woodard a leader in her industry, she is also a support to parents who are going through a similar journey as her journey with Vivienne. Woodard told us that, "Hopefully, as Partake grows our products can make life a tiny bit easier for families like ours."

Please join us in celebrating this entrepreneur, advocate, and power mom, and enjoy these deliciously safe snacks with your own family while supporting an incredible Black and mom-owned business. Qeepsake Team parents who have kiddos with allergies (and without!) can personally recommend and LIVE for Partake treats.

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