Qeepsake's 2021 Year in Review

What a year! We've welcomed over 200,000 new Qeepsake Families, and you've recorded over 11 million entries. 1.6 million included the word love. (That's a lot of love). You recorded 800,000 firsts and 160,000 other milestones. Keep reading to find out all about 2021's new app features, enhancements, and more. Here's to 2022!
Jeff McNeil, CEO & Co-Founder
Qeepsake's Year in Review on a purple background with an image of 3 spines of Qeepsake Books including one with emoji hearts, and they read Miya Rose, Life as Eloise, and Yoshi Goldberg. There's also an image of an iphone of Eloise's journal and a picture of a milestone.

Dear Qeepsake Families,

I am writing to you with a heart filled with gratitude and joy. While the past year has been anything but easy, The Qeepsake Community has so much to celebrate. 

Qeepsake by the numbers GIF. Cycles through: What a year. We've welcomed over 200,000 new Qeepsake Families. You've recorded over 11 million entries. 1.6 million included the word love. (That's a lot of love). You recorded 800,000 firsts. And 160,000 other milestones. Here's to 2022.

Thanks to your amazing feedback, we’ve made improvements to the Qeepsake App!

  • We’ve added a lot more questions and are continuing to add more daily. We LOVE hearing your suggestions, so please keep sharing your ideas! 
  • We diversified our holiday question bundles by adding holidays such as Ramadan, Diwali, Juneteenth, Jewish High Holidays, Dia De Los Muertos, Veterans Day, and more! We’ve also added Canadian holidays and will continue adding more in 2022.

This year, we were honored with three incredible awards: Moms Choice Awards, Parent Tested Parent Approved, Parents Pick Awards, and we were nominated for the Best Mobile App Awards (🤞)!

We launched a blog so you can get all of your Qeepsake Info in one place!

We strengthened our commitment to NICU families through new product features, donations, and partnerships.

Qeepsake Families welcomed 102,723 new babies into the world in 2021, including my own family who welcomed our sixth child. 

An iphone showcasing the Qeepsake App. It is an entry of Qeepsake's CEO & Co-Founder, Jeff McNeil CEO's founder family with his sixth daughter Bailey.  The picture is of Jeff and Bailey and the entry says Welcome to the world Baby Bailey! It is a text send in from Jeff to Bailey's journal which has 156 entries and 107 photos.

We are leaving 2021 with endless gratitude for our Qeepsake Community and are welcoming 2022 with so much excitement. Qeepsake’s most requested feature EVER is coming to Premium Members soon in 2022. You can upgrade to Premium today for 50% off and be the first in the know! Keep your eyes on our Instagram to learn more when the new feature drops!

From our small but mighty team of parents, aunties, and uncles, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and wish you a magical 2022 ✨

In cherishing the highs, the lows and everything in between,

A headshot of Jeff McNeil on a Qeepsake Purple Background, Qeepsake's CEO & Co-Founder
Jeff McNeil, CEO & Co-Founder

PS. TEN incredible team members joined Qeepsake in 2021. Do you want to be the first new team member of 2022? Check out our new Member Support Agent job posting HERE!

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