Why Your Baby’s Early Memories Matter

Did you know your child only starts remembering memories after age three? That's why it's so important to record those early memories for them.
Qeepsake Team

This post is adapted from Parents.com from Catherine Ball.

Your little one is likely to not remember much before they turn three — and that’s completely normal! The majority of us have a lack of memories from the first few years of life, a phenomenon known as childhood amnesia.

Psychologists believe childhood amnesia is a normal part of brain development and that memories that are not repeatedly re-told and strengthened become lost over time. 

But these earlier memories aren't always gone for good! Childhood amnesia isn't a reason to avoid an elaborate first birthday party or a trip to the movies with your 2-year-old. It is still really important to do things with your young children even though they won't remember them when they are older.

By documenting your family’s journey with Qeepsake, you can help your children remember their early years. Though your little one may not remember every detail from their first birthday, show them your Qeepsake journal. Being able to look back on their life is just as fulfilling as remembering the actual moment.

What do you want to promise to share with your little one? Open their journal here or start a Qeepsake membership here.

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