Meet Anna Gilchrist, Author and Advocate for Youth Rights

Learn about our Black History Month Feature, American Author Anna Gilchrist.
Caroline Herman, Qeepsake Creator

For the last day of February and Black History Month, we are excited to feature Anna Gilchrist. Anna is an American author who aims to raise awareness on children’s rights through her children’s books. Her book series, Daffi and Friends, follows a little girl named Daffodil Grey.

Through Daffodil’s adventures, Anna provides uplifting stories with a powerful message.

A banner with a photo of Anna Gilchrist in the middle, standing and smiling. Anna is wearing an all black, long-sleeved shirt. She’s also wearing a black headband and glasses. To the left of Anna, there’s white text over a purple background. This text reads, "Founder of Sandfish Publishing, Gilchrist works to represent diverse voices in children's literature. Anna is an author herself, with two published books, The Extraordinary Day of Daffodil Grey, and Daffodil Grey and the Colorful Parade.” To the right of Anna, there is black text over a white background. This text reads "'My mission is to create literature that educates, enlightens, and empowers the young minds of today to become the ethical and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.' - Anna Gilchrist."

Anna has always had a love of writing. After learning about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and earning her MFA in Childhood Studies, she decided to create meaningful children’s literature. Her first children’s book was The Extraordinary Day of Daffodil Grey, which she wrote and illustrated.

Anna’s publishing company, Sandfish Publishing, also brings together a diverse group of authors and illustrators who specialize in children’s books. Her hope is to inspire the children of today to become the empathetic leaders we need in the future. 

The Daffi and Friends series teaches lessons based on articles from the UNCRC in a way that kids can understand and apply to their own lives. The series has received rave reviews. Anna uses these books to share themes of bravery, love, and tolerance –– all of which are so needed for our little ones!

As an author and advocate for youth rights, Anna is doing the incredibly important work of inspiring young minds and encouraging compassion.

A purple button with white text, reading "Learn More About Anna." This button can be clicked to visit Anna Gilchrist's website. On her website, there is more information about Anna, and her books are available for purchase.


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