What to Expect During Your Qeepsake Free-Trial

Everything you need to know about your Qeepsake Free Trial and how to have the very best experience!
Jami Morton, Qeepsake Head of Customer Experience

Free Trial Features 

You’ve just started your free trial of Qeepsake — woohoo! Now you may be wondering which exclusive features you’ll have access to over the next 14 days.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect, plus some tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your first couple of weeks with Qeepsake.

Your free trial includes just some of the features that are only available with a Plus or Premium Membership. After your trial period is over, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade and receive a credit towards your first Qeepsake Book, and get access to all of Qeepsake’s exclusive features.

Qeepsake Questions

Qeepsake Questions land in your text messages — or app notifications (your choice). They’re little daily reminders that prompt you to capture the moments and milestones you want to cherish. During your free trial, you’ll receive a question every day.

The questions you’ll receive will mostly be biographical, so you can save all the little details about your child and who they are. Plus, they’ll be age-based, so make sure to enter an accurate birthday or due date!

While some questions are designed to be thought-provoking, others will be short and sweet. You can also opt into holiday questions, a great way to personalize your experience and capture the holidays that matter to your family.

Free Trial Qeepsake Question Examples

Questions will include your little one’s name and the pronouns you choose in your account settings. Here are some sample Qeepsake Questions you will receive based on your child’s age during your free trial.


  • How did you decide on your baby’s name?
  • What is your favorite feature of your baby’s?


  • What is your toddler’s favorite activity right now?
  • How does your toddler show affection?


  • Does your pre-schooler have a signature dance move?
  • Is there an expression that your pre-schooler says right now that cracks you up?

Older Child

  • What makes your child unique?
  • Does your child have a favorite friend or classmate at school?

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In-App Features 

Downloading the Qeepsake App is a game-changer for your free trial experience! The app gives you access to more exclusive features, and makes adding and editing entries a breeze.

In the Qeepsake App, you can:

- Add photos and collages

- Add spontaneous memories as they happen

- Answer milestone questions

- Answer missed questions

- Add family and friends to recap emails

- Expand or make edits to entries

- Preview your book

These features allow you to further customize your journals and make your memories personal. Learn more about our feature-loaded app here

Qeepsake Journals

Everything you add to Qeepsake lives in your digital journal forever. It will always be safe, secure, and available to you, regardless of your membership status. 

Whether you have one child or six, Qeepsake is the same price! If you have more than one child, or simply want to keep separate journals for any other reason (pet, relationship, family, plant journal, etc) you have the freedom to do so. Just head to journal settings and hit the plus button to add a new journal.

Sharing Qeepsake With Family & Friends

Qeepsake is designed to help you capture your family’s full, authentic journey — not just the highlight reel. But you might have some close family and friends you want along for the journey. Qeepsake’s regular recap emails are a great way to share the precious moments you’ve been saving with loved ones who you want to keep in the loop. 

You can set recap permissions per journal. Just found out you’re expecting another baby but not quite ready to share the news with Grandma? Not a problem! Keep any journal you’d like completely private while continuing to share the journals you choose. 

Adding a loved one to your recap emails is a great way for your loved ones to feel connected to you and your kiddos, no matter where they are.

When your Qeepsake Free Trial comes to an end

Loving your free trial? Keep in mind, you will be automatically be transitioned to a free Lite Membership once the two weeks are over. Qeepsake Lite Members only receive one question per week, can add 5 photos per month (in-app), and can only order Qeepsake Books a couple of times per year. 

If you choose to upgrade to a Plus or Premium Membership within the first 30-days of signing up for Qeepsake, you will receive a free book voucher, credit towards your first Qeepsake Book, and access to exclusive features such as texting in photos, adding unlimited photos in the app, all milestones, and adding contributors and video (Premium features only)! 

Not sure which plan is right for you? Here's a full breakdown of Qeepsake Membership Plans! 

Want a free year of Qeepsake Plus? Share Qeepsake with your friends, and when three or more sign up with your referral code, you’ll automatically be upgraded to a free year of Qeepsake Plus! 

Purple button with white text. Click here to upgrade to a Qeepsake Plus or Qeepsake Premium Membership to be able to edit Qeepsake Questions.

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